Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sisley Confort Extreme - Getting Great Winter Skin

For a makeup artist, beautiful skin is like a clean canvas to a painter, the foundation on which masterpieces can be created.  Having great skin and maintaining it is not easy, since skin is a living tissue with different needs throughout the year as the climate changes.

I have fair, very sensitive skin that becomes very dry in the winter with the cold air and indoor heating, so I need to choose a skin cream that gives me extra protection and moisture to soothe and plump my skin. 

This winter I am using Sisley's Confort Extreme day and night creams.  The day cream is rich, but not greasy, and doesn't cause shine under makeup.  The night cream is very nourishing with a thick, creamy texture that leaves skin super soft and hydrated the next morning.  Both are full of natural plant extracts and essential oils such as Shea Butter, Arnica Montana, Echinacea, Wheat Germ Extract.  This cream has no SPF protection, so it is very important to add SPF with other products before sun exposure.
Photo by Mario Gramegna Fotografo

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