Sunday, November 20, 2011

Exfoliate For Glowing Skin - YSL Gommage Action Biologique

YSL Gommage Action Biologique
One of the most important tricks to getting great skin is to exfoliate regularly.  Skin cells naturally rejuvenate themselves throughout our lives, but the cell turnover starts to slow as we age.  Using a great exfoliant helps to remove the dead skin on the surface to reveal the smooth, glowing new cells that are hidden beneath.  Exfoliation also helps to remove makeup buildup and roughness due to dryness, preparing the skin to absorb all the nutrients in our skin cream, and creating a smooth base for our foundation and powder.  I cannot express how important regular exfoliation is.

There are many types of exfoliants on the market, from granular ones that use mechanical abrasion techniques, to alpha hydroxy acids and do-it-yourself dermabrasion products.  I have very sensitive, dry skin and granular exfoliants tend to irritate my skin, so I prefer to use non-abrasive fruit-based chemical peels.  The best I've found is the superb YSL Gommage Action Biologique.  It has a wonderful honey-like consistency that transforms to an oily-smooth texture once it has competed the exfoliation phase.  It is very gentle, and I suggest using it twice a week, as using it more often can cause dryness.  It leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and remarkably smooth.  It does have a rather strong (pleasant) fragrance, but since it does not stay on the skin for long it doesn't bother my sensitive skin.

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