Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rouge d'Armani 402 - How To Perfect Red Lipstick

Photo by Sandro Brant

Red lips are always a statement: sensual, attention-grabbing, and classic all at once.  However, not all red lipsticks are alike, and poorly chosen, poorly applied, and poorly maintained red lipstick can achieve the opposite of what was desired, that is to say, it can become a smeared, gaudy disaster.

The first thing to consider when choosing a red lipstick is the color.  I strongly recommend Rouge d'Armani's 402 lipstick.  It is a very long-lasting, lovely nuanced, velvety red.  Although it has some shine to it, it is not glossy, and the color has some deeper, cool blue hues that make it fantastic for the winter, when our skin has less warm tones.  Armani makes lipstick that stays put, even when eating and bleeding or smearing here.  Throughout the evening it tends to lighten in color, but uniformly, so you won't be left with that horrid red outer circle and bare lips in the center!

Perfect lips require proper application:
1.  Use a lipliner under red lipstick, since it adds longevity, prevents bleeding, and can help you to modify the tone of your lipstick if you wish to make it darker, warmer or more intense.
2. Apply a bit of transparent loose powder on top of lipliner to set it, being careful to put some on the area immediately surrounding your lips as well.
3. Apply lipstick slowly and carefully (either directly with the lipstick tube or ideally with a lip brush), being careful to keep the shape balanced and avoid going outside of your natural lip line to create elegant lips.
4. If you wish to increase shine, now apply some lipgloss to the center of the lips, keeping in mind that gloss tends to make lipstick smear, bleed and come off more rapidly.
5. Bring a mirror and lipstick for periodic touch ups and have fun!!

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  1. I couldn't agree more; Rouge D'Armani lipsticks are the most divine on the market. And 402 is without a doubt the most beautiful red. The minute I applied it my whole face became illuminated and looked more "alive". It is a beautiful color; neither orange nor blue, but more of a red with a hint of pink, just enough to make it feminine and vibrant. Simply brilliant!