Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Style - What I like

Photo by Sandro Brant

If I had to define my style, it would be feminine chic.  Perhaps it would help to say who I typically dress for...women first of all, and then for people who appreciate the little details.  I prefer sensual to sexual, sophisticated to knock out, feminine to femme fatale.  This isn't to say I don't like to wear a dazzling neckline or show a bit of skin, but let's just say that I like to keep it reigned in just to the point where men on the street might whisper an appreciative comment, but wouldn't think of whistling.

I like frills, ribbons, sparkles, textures, materials, transparencies, and layers.  I love flowing silks, well-tailored or perfectly fitting clothes, solid colors, stripes, carefully chosen prints, and I have a weakness for skirts and summer dresses.  Of course, accessories are what brings everything together and show a distinctive I'm slowly hoarding shoes, bags, belts, scarves, jewelery, sun glasses, and hats.

I decided several years ago ONLY to buy clothes that fit me (almost) perfectly in the store, no more massive alterations.  It's fine to shorten a hemline or slightly modify the waistline, but altering it drastically to make it work for me means that I'd be ruining the original intent.  A piece of clothing should suit me, by enhancing my stronger features and cleverly concealing my weaker points. This is what makes an article a classic.  If it makes me look and feel better, then I will be wearing it more often and with the casual ease that ensures that I can "carry it off" rather than looking like I'm playing dress up in my mom's closet!

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