Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ballerina - Classic Chanel Nail Color

Photo Eric Cassini
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When you go to a modeling job, it is usually expected that you will go there put together and ready for hair and makeup.  That means (and this clearly isn't obvious to all, since they often remind us the night before jobs) with clean hair and no makeup.  It is also a good idea to go with your nails already painted with a delicate, neutral, clean nail color, since that is what is usually what is required for 90% of the jobs, unless the client decides to go with a statement color.  I've discovered that many makeup artists don't have a great basic color in their kits, so I prefer to go with my favorite color already on.

As it is with applying perfect "natural makeup", it is surprisingly difficult to find a nearly universal neutral color.  It took me a very long time to discover this beautiful color by Chanel, Ballerina.  I love it for my nails, and found that it works on most of my friends too.  It is a very delicate pink, with just the right balance between transparency, opacity, and color pigment.  One coat looks super natural and pretty, two coats show the petal pink more, but without getting heavy or candy-like.  The finish is nice and glossy, and resists chipping quite well.

One tip for long-lasting manicures: clean your nails off with nail polish remover prior to applying nail color, since any skin cream or oil on the nail before applying will make the bond with the nail polish weaker.

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