Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roialto - Aperichic

This bar is a great place to have an aperitivo in Milan, and in Italy, Milan is known as the city of the aperitivo.  The idea is to meet with friends in a cool spot after work, from around 7:30 to 9pm, in one of the many thriving bars and sip, quaff, or guzzle, depending on your drinking habits, while mingling, chatting, and eating a little something off of little plates.  Theoretically, the aperitivo is meant to be an appetite-stimulating pre-dinner (that sometimes leads to a pre-discoteca...), but often these aperitivi end up substituting a proper dinner, especially if you go to a place like Roialto.
Here you will enjoy a very cool decor with comfortable chairs and couches, high-quality food stations with hand-sliced Italian salumi and prosciutto, a cheese board, and other tempting nibblers (a.k.a. potential appetite-spoilers), strategically placed throughout the bar.  I confess to happily making this meal-substitute on a weekly basis...

Check it out:  Via Piero della Francesca 55

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