Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Giacomo Milano - More Than a Culinary Institution

Giacomo Milano is synonymous with refined quality:  With several locations in town they cover a lot of territory:  a restaurant specialized in seafood, a bistrot, a fine tobacco and perfume shop, and a patisserie all to be found in one block...they certainly cornered the neighborhood of Via Sottocorno.
Each restaurant or shop has a carefully chosen retro decor, giving a glimpse of a historic Milan that has been somewhat eclipsed by a more more glitzy, design-oriented modernism.  Good food, good wine list, good setting...just add the good company...

More recently, Giacomo has opened a restaurant right on Piazza del Duomo, Giacomo Arengarario, inside of the new museum dedicated to 20th century Italian art, Museo del '900.   The view of the Duomo is unparallelled, perfect for a lunch break downtown, and the art deco decor is sleek and elegant.


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