Monday, September 5, 2011

Pink Champagne and Peck

Sometimes a girl just feels an irresistible urge to throw a last-minute, over-the-top dinner party.  Last Wednesday was one of those days for me.  While enjoying a leisurely morning stroll, I happened to pass by Peck, one of my favorite gourmet wine/cheese/specialty food shops.  I couldn't stop myself from entering...and charging my credit card with a frightening sum for such a fanciful little whim...but that's how it goes when you enter this place.

I created my menu around a fantastic bottle of pink champagne, a rose' from Provence, and a luscious little bottle of Recioto di Suave for desert.

After eating fresh arugula salads topped with walnuts and summer figs, a variety of creamy and pungent cheeses, oven-roasted suckling pig leg (not for me, I'm vegetarian, but for my friends), roasted potatoes, basil zucchini and rice-filled tomatoes, we finished off with dainty homemade pistachio cupcakes topped with pistachio glaze.

...not a bad way to end an anonymous Wednesday night.

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